This project follows the idea of stress biology, as described in Sapolsky's books and lectures; the mission was to research a way transferring his unique textual storytelling  into a visual one. It seemed very natural, as a homage to the Dr. and as a metaphor to humankind, to let these stories and ideas be followed by illustrations of baboons in their natural habitat. 

The final product contains 4.5 different formats, each one about a different chapter: A short intro booklet, continued by a concertina about growth and a folding poster about sleep, another double sided poster about fear and aggression, and finally - 5 postcards regarding different ways of coping with stress.
The connection between stress and sleep & stress, aggression and fear
{ two folding posters }
ways of coping
{ postcards }
Package & binding
{ custom clam-shell box }
{ tiny booklet }
Bezalel Academy, 4th year
Course Book of Tomorrow
Tutor Merav Salomon

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